In defence of the 95% CI

The one where I discuss arguments in favour of 95% instead of alternatives like 90 or 89%.

TLDR; BayestestR currently uses a 89% threshold by default for Credible Intervals (CI). Should we change that? If so, by what? Join the discussion here.

Magical numbers, or conventional thresholds, have bad press in statistics, and there are many of them. For instance, .05 (for the p-value), or the 95% range for the Confidence Interval (CI). Indeed, why 95 and not 94 or 90?

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Dominique Makowski
Dominique Makowski
Lecturer in Psychology

Trained as neuropsychologist and CBT psychotherapist, I am currently working as a lecturer at the University of Sussex, on the neuroscience of reality perception.