Postdoc in Psychology/Neuroscience

Funded Position Available

As soon as possible Singapore 2-years

Themes: Fake news, EEG, deception, perception of reality

We are currently seeking a postdoctoral fellow to join us in Singapore for a 2-years project investigating the neural mechanisms and socio/psycho/cognitive correlates of beliefs in fake news and misinformation. We welcome applicants with a PhD in psychology or neuroscience to work in the Clinical Brain Lab at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), with Prof Annabel Chen ( and Dr Dominique Makowski (

This is a fantastic opportunity for postdoctoral fellows to develop an exciting research project with important theoretical ties and applied outcomes (in terms of fake news, misinformation management, policy implications etc.,). At the Clinical Brain Lab, the research focuses on uncovering the neuropsychological mechanisms underlying cognitive processes and behaviour. Our main research modalities include the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), neurostimulation (TMS & TDCs), EEG and fNIRS, as well as cognitive behavioural and neuropsychological assessment tools.

Desired skills. Experience in EEG, physiological signals (ECG, EDA, …), neuropsychological/cognitive tests administration, experimental psychology task design and implementation, signal processing and statistics is helpful. Proficiency with R and/or Python is a plus, and a dedication to open science is welcome.

Starting date. As soon as possible.

Contact. Send questions or CV to Prof Annabel ( and Dr Dominique Makowski (

Getting your own Postdoc Funding

Flexible University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

If you’re a recent PhD graduate (or soon to be), you could consider applying for a postdoc fellowship to join the lab on your own terms, and develop your own research project.

Here are some existing opportunities:

Get in touch with me once you have an opportunity in mind and a rough project idea, we can then refine your application to maximize your chances of getting it.

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