One Python code line for a Mandelbrot fractal

Create a Mandelbrot or Buddhabrot fractal in Python using NeuroKit.

A Mandelbrot fractal made with Python using NeuroKit

Mandelbrot Set

I wrote a small Python function to easily generate and plot a Mandelbrot set. This function is now available through the NeuroKit2 package, and can be used as follows:

import neurokit2 as nk


The Mandelbrot set is defined in the between -2 and 2 on the x (real) and y (imaginary) axes. Following that, the image can be cropped accodingly by changing the coordinates. Moreover, the colors can be tweaked by changing the the colormap (cmap).

m = nk.fractal_mandelbrot(real_range=(-2, 0.75), imaginary_range=(-1.25, 1.25))
plt.imshow(m.T, cmap="viridis")

Buddhabrot Set

It is also possible to generate a Buddhabrot:

b = nk.fractal_mandelbrot(size=1500,
                          real_range=(-2, 0.75), imaginary_range=(-1.25, 1.25),
                          buddha=True, iterations=200)
plt.imshow(b.T, cmap="gray")

Althoug the NeuroKit Python package is primarily devoted at physiological signal processing, in also includes tons of other useful features.

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Dominique Makowski
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