The symbolism behind the ReBeL logo

Can you guess all the hidden symbols and elements present in our logo?

The Reality Bending logo includes several references to various concepts. Can you try to guess them?

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One of the most striking feature of the logo is the guy in the middle, which represents a wizard. It represent us, the people who delve in the science of reality bending.

Wizards are a powerful archetype, that are primarily defined through the learned ability (by seeking, studying and gathering arcane knowledge) of controlling and manipulating reality. Though many specializations and facets exist, the understanding of the true nature of the world is a core facets that binds all wizards.

the wizard Gandalf facing the forces of darkness with his light.


In Greco-Roman antiquity, the beard was seen as the defining feature of a philosopher (see the Philosopher’s beard on wikipedia), expressing the idea that philosophy is no mere intellectual hobby but rather a way of life that, by definition, transforms every aspect of one’s behavior (including one’s shaving habits).

Show me your beard and I’ll tell you what philosopher you are:

  • Cynics had long dirty beards to indicate their “strict indifference to all external goods and social customs”
  • Stoics were occasionally trimming and washing their beards in accordance with their view “that it is acceptable to prefer certain external goods so long as they are never valued above virtue”
  • Peripatetics took great care of their beards believing in accordance with Aristotle that “external goods and social status were necessary for the good life together with virtue”
A glorious beard.


For any mythology fan, a bearded figure with an eyepatch (or a missing eye) is known to represent Odin, the chief deity of the norse pantheon. He’s a very complex character, with a deeply ambivalent nature. One of the key moment of Odin’s story is when he sacrifices one of his eyes in return for wisdom…

Losing direct sight of reality in return for a deeper knowledge of reality - here is an interesting idea that we can discuss and (over)interpret with some drinks 🍺

Odin portrayed by one of my favourite actor.


The pipe refers to the most famous painting of the surrealist René Magritte. One of the common interpretation suggests that it symbolizes the difference between the authentic thing (a real pipe) and its representation. This, we believe, is just one level that differentiates the real from the unreal…

The Treachery of Images (Magritte, 1929).


The smoke takes the form of a Psi letter Ψ, which is the symbol of psychology.

The Psi within the brain, a representation of neuropsychology, and the logo of the Neuropsydia software.

The Flower

The flower in the background is not just any flower. It is a poppy flower, from which the seed have been used throughout history to create diverse substances to alter our perception of reality…

Incidentally, it is also the symbol of the Makowski family (which names refers to “poppy seed” in polish).

The Poppy Flower of the Coat of Arms of the Makowski Family
The Makowski's Poppy Flower.

Did you spot any more 😏? Let us know!

Dominique Makowski
Dominique Makowski
Lecturer in Psychology

Trained as neuropsychologist and CBT psychotherapist, I am currently working as a lecturer at the University of Sussex, on the neuroscience of reality perception.