Pyllusion has been published

Pyllusion, the software for creating illusions in Python, has been published.

Pyllusion has been published!

Pyllusion is a package for Python that implements a systematic way to manipulate and generate illusions using a set of parameters.

For instance, the famous Müller-Lyer illusion below, which causes the observer to perceive the 2 segments of being different lengths depending on the shape of the arrows, can be generated wit the following lines of code:

mullerlyer = pyllusion.MullerLyer(illusion_strength=30)

To understand more about the parametric approach being implemented in the Pyllusion package, we recommend reading our paper, which includes a hands-on example on how to generate some classic illusions (such as the Delbeouf Illusion), and discusses how Pyllusion contributes to address conceptual and methodological issues in illusion science.

import pyllusion

delboeuf = pyllusion.Delboeuf(illusion_strength=3)

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An-Shu Te
An-Shu Te
Research Assistant (2021-23)
Current: Student (master of clinical psychology)

An-Shu is currently a Research Assistant at Clinical Brain Lab. She is working on the neuroscience of deception.