We're recruiting a Research Assistant!

We’re recruiting a Research Assistant to work on a new exciting project on neuroscience and aesthetics in urban environments.

We’re recruiting a Research Assistant!

In the context of a new collaboration between Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) and Future Cities Laboratory, myself and Dr Panos Mavros are recruiting a Research Assistant in psychology/neuroscience (bachelor/master) to contribute to an exciting new research project that combines a neuroscientific approach to studying the interaction between beauty and the perception of urban spaces.

Perfect for psychology graduates interested in joining a cool team and learning skills like EEG, physiological techniques, advanced statistics and more!

Dominique Makowski
Dominique Makowski
Lecturer in Psychology

Trained as neuropsychologist and CBT psychotherapist, I am currently working as a lecturer at the University of Sussex, on the neuroscience of reality perception.