A Python Module for Creating Experiments, Tasks and Questionnaires


Neuropsychology encompasses two intimately related aspects: experimental research and clinical activity. Yet, the gap between these two facets has been severely increasing over the last decades due to the developpement of new technological ressources employed in research paradigms, often lacking portability to clinical practice. This gap restrains direct results application and generalization from research to clinical practice, and vice versa. is a Python module that provides a high-level set of tools to quickly and easily create computerized experiments, cognitive tests or questionnaires, offering the possibility to heighten up the quality and accuracy of clinical neuropsychology. This free, open-source solution allows neuropsychologists, psychologists and neuroscientists to build sophisticated tasks and focus on what is important: the results and their interpretation.

Journal of Open Source Software, 2(19), 259
Dominique Makowski
Dominique Makowski
Lecturer in Psychology

Trained as neuropsychologist and CBT psychotherapist, I am currently working as a lecturer at the University of Sussex, on the neuroscience of reality perception.